Saturday, September 11, 2010


I'm gonna share some of my tips / bits of advice for how to BG proficiently.

     While you are a Warlock that can tank a good deal of damage, it's generally far better for you to try & stand towards the back of battles, out of range of melee, to allow you to consistently nuke people down.  Also, always be aware of your surroundings & nearby enemies.  Throughout battles, you need to regularly check if you can better position yourself to better adapt to how your enemies have moved.

Be Smart: 
     If you & some of your teammates are trying to kill someone, but they keep getting heals, don't be a derp & keep spamming your nukes on the guy; Fear the healer.  If you see one of your teammates getting opened up on by a Rogue, Fear them to help your teammate out.  Constantly look out for people needing peels, a quick Fear or Shadowfury can change the momentum in your favor.

Defend & Call Out Incs:
     This speaks for itself, if you cap a node, be prepared to defend it.  If you're with 2-3 other people at your node & you see someone call out in BG chat that there are a few incoming to Farm when you're at LM, be sure to go help them out as they likely won't be attacking LM soon & you'll be able to spare a person or 2.  If you see people coming towards your node, call out in BG chat so you can get some help as soon as possible, don't be a hero & cost your team a node.

Fight On Nodes:
     Don't waste your time dismounting to kill someone out in the middle of a road, if you aren't attacked first of course.  It's more important to go attack a node & potentially secure the game for your team.  On the subject of that, call out if you notice there are only 1-2 people defending an enemy node, state that they are vulnerable to a quick assault of 3 or so of you guys.

Group Up:
     You will get a lot more accomplished with 1-2 other people with you.  I usually serve as a 'floater' of sorts, traveling between nodes with a few others to respond to incs that were called out.  Also, this saves you from being killed by some Rogue in a CS -> KS while mounted, which means no Soul Link for you!

Tada!  You are now considered top tier BG Hero material, congratulations.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Going Demo In 2's For The Lulz

     Entering the 30th week of Season 8 (wtf!), there's nothing for me to really do except sit at my ratings & pray for the season to end.  To pass some time, I decided to give Demo a try.  I quickly found a random Resto Druid that had nothing else to do, so we started queving up for some skirms.  I have to admit, it was actually pretty fun & refreshing to try something new out, it was almost like playing a whole new class.  I also found that Demo can hit pretty hard, 9k Shadow Bolt crits were normal against people in full Wrath, & I was loving it.  I'm pretty sure we didn't lose a single match, we did around 20 or so, but the one match that stood out to me was against an actual 2's team; a mirror comp with the Warlock as Affliction.  Everyone knows how stupidly OP Aff / Resto is, so I knew this was going to be a great chance to test out Demo's viability, & also to take a crap on some kids chest who rolled an OP comp.
     The match started out normal enough, I jumped on the Lock as soon as I could to prevent him from spreading DoT's around.  I got a nice 9k Shadow Bolt on the Lock, so I quickly Banished the Druid, poured some Incinerates on him as Molten Core had procced, got a Spell Lock on the Lock while he was casting Fear, then I got the Druid into a full Fear, obviously he had to trinket to avoid having his Lock die.  I made a mistake of getting tunnel vision on the Lock, so I got caught in a full Counterspell while casting Shadowbolt, so decided to retreat a bit since the Druid had full HoT's rolling on the Lock now.
     Being the gay comp Aff / Resto is, they started prolonging the game via DoT's & Mana Drains.  Of course I prevented as much Drains on my Druid as possible, but there were some I just couldn't stop.  This went on for about 2 minutes, & throughout the game, I had slowly forced all the Druids cooldowns; Barkskin, Trinket, Nature's Swiftness, so it was time to end the game.
     Now the amazing thing about Demo is Metamorphosis, where you turn into a huge demon, which is basically the same skin as Illadin from WC3, & it basically gives you a 20% overall damage increase, as well as a decrease in damage taken.  You also gain some awesome abilities that are only usable in Meta form, my favorites being: Demon Charge (let's you charge an enemy) & Immolation Aura, which is almost basically a melee range Starfall, for me it ticks 1.8k every 0.7 seconds.
     Back to the match, I popped Metamorphosis, got the Lock in a full Fear, Demon Charged the Druid, popped Immo Aura, & started throwing out 9k NON-CRIT Shadowbolt's onto him.  He obviously didn't expect such burst, so with a simple Death Coil -> Counterspell while casting, I killed him pretty easily.  As soon as he dropped, I just started laughing at how a gimped out spec like Demo beat such an OP comp.  What made it even sweeter was I did way more damage than the Aff Lock from how much I had locked him down.
     There's no better feeling than having some kids log over from their realm onto mine to spam whispers on how 'bad I am' & the usual 'LOL DUELIST' when these kids can't even break 2k.
     I'll most likely keep screwing around with Demo since I haven't seen anyone with good gear use it, & there's nothing else for me to do.

 Here's a screenshot I took of the results just to laugh at it again later on.

     Here's to hoping Cataclysm is released soon!